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max 200 kg,comb with hammocks 290-360 cm

€ 320.00

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Best quality and workmanship turns Olymp into one of our most attractive stands. The spruce wood used comes from sustainably cultivated European forests. Olymp is made weather-proof by a dipping bath impregnation and by galvanised fittings. The especially developed chain suspension can be adjusted to fit nearly all AMAZONAS hammocks. A fantastic stand at a fantastic price!
For hammocks with a total length of 290 - 360 cm.

For Amazonas hammocks American Dream, Barabados, Brasilia, Colombiana, Lambada, Palacio, Paradiso, Rio, Salsa, Samba

Technical data
Item no.: AZ-4045300
Dimensions: approx. 395 x 143 x 145 cm
Weight: approx. 26,0 kg
Load capacity: max. 200 kg