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Palacio Natura

Palacio Natura

Palacio Natura

L:360cm; L bar:140; surface:240x160; max200 kg

€ 165.00

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Palacio Natura
A hammock in the spirit of the most luxurious bed! To achieve perfect appearance and stability we use the finest Brazilian hardwood spreader bars.
Chill out in our XXL hammock Palacio. It is extra soft and highly stable, giving you top comfort in the true style of Brazilian hammocks.

Palacio (only natura) is woven using the elegant Jacquard technique, finished by hand with macramé and an additional decorative hem (Brazilian: Veranda).

Technical data
Item no.: AZ-1062100
Total length: approx. 360 cm
Length spreader bar: approx. 140 cm
Lying surface: approx. 240 x 160 cm
Weight: approx. 5,0 kg
Load capacity: max. 200 kg