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Thermo-regulating inlay for baby carriers.

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Thermo-regulating inlay for baby carriers.

When babies are carried, heat builds up between the carrier and the baby that cannot easily escape. AMAZONAS has the perfect solution for heat build-up in baby carrying systems: Vento

Vento is an inlay that is breathable and thermo-regulating and allows air to circulate when in use. Excess heat is able to escape from the baby carrier and cooler air to penetrate.

Folds over so can also be used with small babies.
Innovative, breathable 3D fabric. Encased in pleasantly soft cotton.

Quick and easy to fit. Washable.
Vento is suitable for ALL standard carrying systems, mei tais, back, front and comfort carriers.

Outer material: 100% cotton

Technical data
Dimensions: approx. 22 x 75 x 0,8 cm
Age: 0 - 3 years
Self-weight: approx. 0,13 kg
Weight: approx. 0,2 kg