EcoGrill barbecue 1 pc

20-24 cm; 2 kg

EcoGrill barbecue 1 pc
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What is an EcoGrill
EcoGrill is a unique and new product which offers people chance to cook their favorite food environmentally friendly and in outdoors. EcoGrill is also very easy to use and will make any food taste better in anyplace you want, because it is handy for moving from one place to another. This grill is perfect fit for people who loves to hang out in outdoors and likes the taste of a self-made food cooked above natural flame.

With ability to easily heat the grill without use of different kinds of chemical fuels or other chemical elements, EcoGrill can offer tasty cooked, boiled, smoked or just heated food without that little bit of ‘’chemical taste’’. If you have ever made food above natural flame of campfire, without ‘’chemical help’’, you know the difference.

- Unique structure allows it to start up fast, without any chemicals
- Handy
- Made only from environmentally friendly ingredients
- Burns 2,5+ hours
- Burns down 100% by itself
- Grill coal and lightning element included
- Can also be put in standard grill
- Fits well with standard frying-pans, teapots, etc
0,10 euros from each sold EcoGrill goes for afforestation back in our forests to save our beautiful nature, where we can rest in the open air and feel the power and beauty of nature.


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